• Habanastation


    Mayito, a privileged student, gets lost during the May Day Celebration in Revolution Square and finds himself in a very poor neighborhood outside Havana, where a fellow schoolmate, Carlos, lives. This is the start of an unforgettable journey and the birth of a new and strong friendship.

  • Coati


    Coati is a brand new preschool series. It features the lovable character, Coati, and all his amazing friends in Sun Forest. The series helps children with basic problem solving skills and also helps them gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world and all the wonderful plants and creatures who share our planet.

  • Etre et Devenir

    Etre et Devenir

    Le nouveau documentaire "Etre Et Devenir" décrit comment des jeunes n'allant pas à l'école apprennent, à partir des interactions avec leur entourage et le vaste monde, de quoi grandir et trouver une voie professionnelle épanouissante.

  • Trip to Timbuktu

    Trip to Timbuktu

    DIRECTED BY Rossana Diaz Costa
    Trip to Timbuktu is a drama about Ana and Lucho, two teenagers who live in Peru. Their story that starts from childhood reveals the changes which took place in this country during the 80's. For them, the only way to survive in the middle of violence and lack of opportunities is through their love, a refuge which has as its own imaginary country called Timbuktu. Nevertheless, the reality will stand and collapse their utopia.

  • Stefan Vs. Kramer

    Stefan Vs. Kramer

    DIRECTED BY Sebastian Freund
    When Stefan Kramer seems to have achieved everything, destiny tells him he has neglected what's most important... His family. His wife, who postponed her singing career to support her husband career and raise their children, is invited to a television singing competition; this participation will change her life. A comedy that tells the story of a famous comedian, who has to touch bottom, to reclaim what's most important in his life... The love of his wife and children.

  • Rezeta


    DIRECTED BY Fernando Frias
    Rezeta is a carefree 21 year old model. Born in Kosovo, she has traveled the world through modeling and chose Mexcio City as her new home. Rezeta's partying lifestyle changes when she meets Alex, who is cleaning her trailer during a commercial shoot. Their undeniable chemistry causes their friendship to grow in to a complicated relationship. Rezeta has to either commit to Alex and Mexico City, or continue with her whimsical, jet-setting life.

  • Here I Am, Here I Am Not

    Here I Am, Here I Am Not

    DIRECTED BY Elisa Eliash
    Ramiro is a freelance journalist who develops a phobia of speed and a serious case of PTSD after a near death car accident. He immerses himself in writing the unauthorized biography of an out of control chilean rock queen who he ends up falling for. Amidst his writing, she dies leaving Ramiro obsessively searching for her replacement in this dark comedy.

  • Being and Becoming

    Being and Becoming

    Being and Becoming takes us into the world of self education, where parents trust their children to learn freely. Filmmaker and mother Clara Bellar embarks with her son on a journey around the world finding new perspectives on how to educate our children.

  • Til Sbornia Do Us Part

    Til Sbornia Do Us Part

    DIRECTED BY Otto Guerra
    Affected by the modern world, the poetic and eccentric country of Sbornia ends up separated from the mainland. An animated feature film based on the musical play Tango & Tragedy.

  • Juan and the Ballerina

    Juan and the Ballerina

    DIRECTED BY Raphael Aguinaga
    A man trapped in his past meets a woman who fears for her future. In a drastically changing world full of comedic characters, they learn it is never too late to fall in love.

  • Captains Of The Sand

    Captains Of The Sand

    DIRECTED BY Cecilia Amado
    In this in this coming-of-age drama, rogue Brazilian street kids are forced to join together to survive. Following a series of petty thefts and high-risk mansion robberies, the "boys only" gang learns about love when an orphan girl joins their group.

  • Deseo


    DIRECTED BY Antonio Zavala Kugler
    Passion as a universal theme is reflected in this controversially erotic drama that is bound to keep you on your toes at all times. A sensual approach displaying the lifestyle in a traditional Mexican town where any desire can be satisfied. [embed]https://vimeo.com/30694921[/embed]

  • Expecting


    DIRECTED BY Francisca Fuenzalida
    As in Chile, abortion is still a highly punishable crime; a teenage couple, from different social economic backgrounds, have one night to decide what to do about an unexpected pregnancy and act …

  • The Bad Intentions

    The Bad Intentions

    DIRECTED BY Rosario Garcia-Montero
    With humor and heart, this offbeat drama tells the story of Cayetana, a solitary Peruvian 8-year-old girl with a vivid imagination, convinced that she will die the day her brother is born.

  • A Stone’s Throw Away

    A Stone’s Throw Away

    DIRECTED BY Sebastian Hiriart
    A young sheepherder leaves his home country of Mexico for the United States after discovering an old keychain that leads him to a long trip that will unravel his family mystery.

  • Havana Eva

    Havana Eva

    DIRECTED BY Fina Torres
    Havana has been shaken by Fidel’s retirement. A young seamstress, trapped in a clothing factory, dreams of designing beautiful dresses. With no support from her adorable lazy Cuban boyfriend, her life takes a turn when she meets a dazzling capitalist who fans her hopes. After many deceptions and surprises, Eva has to choose between the two men she loves.

  • Baby Shower

    Baby Shower

    DIRECTED BY Pablo Illanes
    A group of girlfriends get together in an isolated country house to celebrate the pregnancy of one of them. The revelation of a dark secret and a series of violent deaths transform their baby shower into a nightmare.

  • Beyond the Grave

    Beyond the Grave

    DIRECTED BY Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro
    In a devastated post-apocalyptic world where the rules of reality are transformed by magic and madness, a vengeful police officer searches for a possessed serial killer in a battle of the not so good versus absolute evil.

  • Optical Illusions

    Optical Illusions

    DIRECTED BY Christián Jiménez
    A security guard falls in love with an elegant thief. A hard-working employee is trained by his company for unemployment. A blind skier recovers sight and is terrorized by the world he discovers. Everything feels unreal in this unique dark ironic comedy that uncovers insecurities in Chilean society.

  • Forbidden To Forbid

    Forbidden To Forbid

    DIRECTED BY Jorge Duran
    Three young Brazilian try to help a terminally ill woman who lives in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Their youthful idealism is shattered with the cruel reality of police brutality. A cutting statement about racism and a poignant search for love and identity on the road to adulthood.

  • The Tree

    The Tree

    DIRECTED BY Carlos Serrano Azcona
    Santiago's life has turned bleak after being kicked out by his wife and barred from seeing his children. He roams the streets like a vagabond trying to find a way out, but the only thing that looks promising is jumping from the highest city bridge.

  • Before The World Ends

    Before The World Ends

    DIRECTED BY Ana Luiza Azevedo
    Through the eyes of his seven-year-old sister, teenaged Daniel grows up in his little world where his problems seem hopeless. Everything changes when he receives a letter from his father he never met which forces him to make his first adult decision.

  • Perpetuum Mobile

    Perpetuum Mobile

    DIRECTED BY Nicolás Pereda
    24-year old Gabino lives with his mother and works as a moving truck driver in Mexico City. He constantly witnesses the difficulties that others endure as they move out of their homes and out of other people's lives. This drama comes to a climax when he stumbles upon an unexpected discovery.

  • Perfidy


    DIRECTED BY Rodrigo Bellott
    A young and mysterious man arrives at a snowy town in upstate NY and checks into a Hotel. In his room he waits for hours until he receives a life-changing phone call. From then on, things will never be the same.

  • Lie


    DIRECTED BY Rafi Mercado
    An introverted young artist rides the fine line between reality and fantasy to survive a distorted urban life. A violent friend joins him in his thirst for adrenaline and a mysterious lover dares him to explore wild desires.

  • Gasolina


    DIRECTED BY Julio Hernandez Cordon
    A high-octane ride in which each stop is a crash with reality. A test to friendship, involving betrayal and a kamikaze-like solidarity.

  • Coyote


    DIRECTED BY Brian Peterson
    After safely bringing a deported friend back into the United States, two Americans discover the lucrative business of "coyote" smugglers. Corruption and greed will lead them down a path of brutal destruction and despair.

  • Who Killed White Llama?

    Who Killed White Llama?

    DIRECTED BY Rodrigo Bellott
    Nothing is sacred in the battle to escape poverty. A supposedly pregnant woman carries 50kg of cocaine and embarks on a trip where corruption rears its head at every turn. Desire, greed and deception create a compelling story of hope and despair.

  • Drained


    DIRECTED BY heitor Dhalia
    In this dark twisted comedy that premiered at Sundance Film festival, the perfect "bottom" of a waitress and a nauseating toilet smell disrupt the life of a perverse and crazy pawnshop owner.

  • American Visa

    American Visa

    DIRECTED BY Juan Carlos Valdivia
    After being denied a visa to visit his son in the USA, a Bolivian professor ends up involved in criminal activities and starts a relationship with a beautiful prostitute.

  • Cochochi


    DIRECTED BY Laura A. Guzman & Israel Cardenas
    Two Mexican indigenous children receive an assignment to deliver some medicine to a remote part of the Sierra Tarahumara. Dreading the long road ahead, they decide to take their grandfather’s horse and set off on a journey that becomes longer than they expected.

  • The Samba Poet

    The Samba Poet

    DIRECTED BY Ricardo Van Steen
    A compelling portrait of Noel Rosa, the greatest Samba composer in Brazilian musical history. This biopic follows his passionate and quirky rise to fame till his premature death at age 26.

  • Coca Lives

    Coca Lives

    DIRECTED BY Roberto Lanza & Juán Carlos Gómes Millo
    For many indigenous natives of Latin America, the coca leaf has been a natural staple for thousands of years. This eye-opening documentary exposes the real motives and consequences of the United States campaign to wipe out the coca leaf.

  • Oso Blanco

    Oso Blanco

    DIRECTED BY Christian Suau & Ramiro Millan
    This gritty documentary takes you inside the legendary "Oso Blanco," the most feared prison of Puerto Rico. It is the birthplace of 2 of the most dangerous Latino gangs: “Neta” and “Los 27” and the scene of hundreds of murders.

  • Fabricating Tom Ze

    Fabricating Tom Ze

    DIRECTED BY Décio Matos Jr.
    A fascinating contemporary portrayal of the life and work of Tom Ze, one of the most controversial and talented Brazilian musicians. Featuring exclusive interviews with David Byrne, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso.

  • Not By Chance

    Not By Chance

    DIRECTED BY Philippe Barcinski
    A story about the lives of two men affected by the same fatality. A tragic accident involving a women in each of their lives embark them on a journey of love, loneliness and desire to control the uncontrollable with Sao Paulo as the backdrop.

  • Teo’s Journey

    Teo’s Journey

    DIRECTED BY Walter Doehner
    Ten year old Teo goes on a journey in search of his father, whom he lost on the US-Mexican border. As he crosses the desert and avoids its perils, he will find strength in a friendship with a teenage kid.